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Allow us to re-introduce ourselves: As the new Novatel Wireless, we are excited about working together with you in a partnership that drives innovation, growth and (of course) profits.

In the spirit of our relentless drive for excellence, we are enhancing our delivery of services. Our successful MiFi technology is being integrated into everything we do. We’ve sharpened our focus on the IoT and M2M. And our new leadership team is here to guide you in continued success.

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Inspiring Action and Leading by Example

Novatel Wireless Announces Alex Mashinsky as Permanent Chief Executive Officer

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Novatel Wireless Announces Additions to Board of Directors

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Everything You Want from an Engineering Partnership

Excellence is easy with Novatel Wireless by your side.

With so many ways to connect, allow us to be your shortcut to the ones that matter. A partnership with the new Novatel Wireless provides turn-key engineering solutions, through MiFi Labs, including reference design and certification. No need to get distracted by details; leave those to us, while you get back to the work at hand. We bring peace of mind and the knowledge that your project is in expert hands from start to finish — and beyond! Learn more: www.mifilabs.com

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MiFi is Our Motor.

You think you know MiFi, but it’s much more than a mobile hotspot. MiFi is the connective technology in all of our products.

MiFi powers all of our products and services, to make your connectivity work best. Effective and efficient, MiFi drives profitability. MiFi will expand your universe, with the ability to go places not yet discovered. Look for more details in the coming months as we introduce MiFi Drive, MiFi Monitor and MiFi Secure.

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The Big Reveal: Wait for It!

There’s more to come: What would a rebrand be without a whole new look?

Just as our commitment to technology makes navigating the IoT easy, we’re also transforming our partner strategies and communications so that Novatel Wireless fits seamlessly into your life and your business. Count on the new Novatel Wireless for commitment, consistency and clarity. Partnering with us makes great things happen!

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